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The nature of parenting has more effect on academic success than curriculum, class size, teachers, the Head or anything else about the school. It also affects a wide range of life chances from the probability of having a stable relationship to the chances of criminal behavior.

If you want to create a better future, one of the wisest investments you could make would be to enhance the quality of parenting.

Parent Gym was launched in 2009 to deliver a programme of free parenting classes in some of the more socially challenged parts of UK.

100 programs of six, bite-size weekly workshops are delivered every term. They are hosted in schools in London, Brighton, Leeds, Bradford and other cities in UK.

Parent Gym does not take any money from schools, parents, charities or government. It is funded entirely by Mind Gym and supported by the extremely generous volunteer coaches who deliver the programs.

Parent Gym is also now available for companies to run for employees who are parents as part of D&I, engagement and return to work programs.

To find out more about Parent Gym and how you can run it in your company please click here or get in touch.

Parents' stories

Coming to Parent Gym was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The content of the course was spot on. As a parent there are always things to learn or be reminded of, and to me that is exactly what Parent Gym is about- it gave me the tools to make life easier. Now when I want to implement a rule or find an activity to do with him I consult my Parent Gym Magazines. To all parents who are thinking of joining please do as it's very rewarding.

- Shameika, Parent Gym participant

Working parents: why bother?

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Job satisfaction of working parents nose-dives in the five years after the birth of a first child. They sleep less, make more mistakes and spend up to half their time distracted. 90% of employed parents say they are stressed trying... LEARN MORE