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The leaders at Accenture found that their graduate intake brought “smarts”, energy and dedication in abundance. However, to give great value they also needed to learn how to socialize their ideas and how to handle clients and colleagues with finesse and judgement.

The Accenture team piloted a week-long program: “High impact consulting – making the human connection”, which is now in its third year. Workouts ranging from Influence and persuade to Creating your own luck were implemented and the results were promising.

Following the program, leaders at Accenture saw a vast improvement in the confidence and technique of their workforce:

  • 88% of session participants claimed they learnt a range of tactics for successful influencing
  • 80% of session participants claimed they learnt how to prepare and plan effective influencing strategies
  • 84% of session participants claimed they learned which beliefs and attitudes they needed to adopt to raise their level of presence

Return on investment:
Participant self-ratings of the application of their newly acquired skills were used to calculate an ROI of 260%.

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