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Misconduct is costing companies a small fortune. In the last decade twenty banks have been fined a total of $235m. It’s estimated that US companies lose c. $400m a year from undetected internal fraud. It's not just savings. There's money to made from good ethics. Nearly half of us say we consider the ethics of the product when we shop.

But the evidence suggests that all this compliance and conduct activity is not having much of an impact. It could even be making things worse. The behavioural science reveals why.

The only way is ethics

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The only way is ethics

Every company boss lays claim to integrity. Many have put money behind their words by investing heavily in compliance and conduct to stop people behaving badly. The evidence suggests it...

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The only way is ethics

For all the investment in compliance, we are no more compliant than we were a decade ago. Surprised? Behavioral scientists aren’t. Countless research shows why traditional approaches to compliance have...

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5 ways to… play to strength

Every member of your team will have something they excel at, from the self-proclaimed public speaking expert, to the closet coding whizz. But harnessing these strengths can be a tricky task. This...

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