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Research shows that significant reorganizations are bad for business: a 24% drop in customer satisfaction and a 22% reduction in customer loyalty is typical. What's worse is that 50% of organizations report overall costs as unchanged.

There are beautiful exceptions. Some companies have achieved remarkable post-traumatic growth by tackling the challenge of reorganisation through a different lens.

How to upgrade when you downsize

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Reorganization remedy

The trouble with reorganizations, a bit like diets, is that relatively few achieve what they set out to do. Most reorganizations lead to a fall in stock price, a decline...

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Thriving in volatility

In 1961, the life expectancy of a company in the Fortune 500 was around 61 years. Now it’s less than 18. Only 12.2% of Fortune 500 companies in 1955 were...

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5 ways to…get ready for change

Spring is (finally) sprung and change is all around. The new financial year could bring new (or evolved) directions or entirely new strategies for the year ahead. These changes can...

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