Account Executive, Middle Market

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Locations: Houston

The Client Sales Team are the lifeblood of Mind Gym, spreading the word of Mind Gym to our customers, by seeking and developing new accounts through relentless drive, tenacity, and most of all knowledge.

In the Client Sales Team, a Client Executive becomes an expert in all things people (performance management, management development, etc.), presenting Mind Gym’s point of view to customers so that it provokes and excites.

This specific role is unique to Mind Gym in that you’ll be leading the charge as a founding member of a newly formed business unit, Mind Gym Middle Market (MG MMKT).

Who you are:


  • A consultative seller with 2 years+ experience of selling an “intellectual” B2B service, securing new business and growing existing accounts (we’ll be keen to learn about your performance against targets)
  • Proven expertise and comfort in “top of the funnel” sales development. You’ll be provided with best-in-class sales engagement technology but you will be expected to generate new pipeline for yourself as we grow
  • Someone who is curious about what drives human performance at work, who probably has read a few books and watched a few TED talks from the likes of Gladwell, Pink, Ariely et al.
  • A masterful time manager who is deeply organized and has the drive to build your part of the business semi-autonomously
  • A high flyer wherever you’ve been, with plenty of personal stories to prove that point
  • Glass-half full view on the world who views change as an opportunity, not an inconvenience
  • Exemplify our core values in your every-day life: Every interaction with you is stimulating, your clients are delights and the quality of your work is without question.


What we will deliver:

This role will report directly to the Senior Vice President of Middle Market who brings over a decade of B2B sales experience. Coaching, development and ongoing learning will be a constant for new-hires. Mind Gym Middle Market is a new venture seeking to positively impact an additional 1M people across the most dynamic and fastest growing segment of the US economy. Candidates, if selected, will play a key role in testing new ways of working, applying new technologies to our approach to sell and serve clients and help pin-point new best practices to export to the established end of the business. All this to say, beyond selling an amazing and proven product to a vast and untouched territory, you will be building a new business from scratch in partnership with the SVP.

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