Human first:

developing digital leaders at Schneider Electric


Peter Hope

Global VP, Leadership Academy at Schneider Electric

Dr. Sebastian Bailey

President at Mind Gym

Webinar information

When:Thursday, January 17th, 11:30 am-12:00 pm EST

Leading Digital Transformation

“Small things, big impact” were the words to live by at Schneider Electric when they overhauled their performance management system.

The energy management company knew that to achieve a true people transformation, they’d need to focus on the human, rather than process alone.

By putting an emphasis on building key leadership skills like coaching, goal setting, and delivering feedback, Schneider enabled over 6,000 managers across 80 countries, to make a big difference through practicing small, effective habits.

Join Dr. Sebastian Bailey, along with Global Head of Schneider’s Leadership Academy, Peter Hope as they explore:

  • Why succeeding in a digital transformation requires the human touch
  • Why the IT and process alone won’t solve performance management challenges
  • The lessons for those embarking on a similar journey
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