Growing capability

What’s the point in learning, if it’s not applied? 87% of people in Mind Gym’s ‘little and often’ programs use what they’ve learned to improve their performance at work.

Bite-size is best

Bite-size learning makes good business sense – it produces 17% greater transfer, is 30% cheaper and delivers almost twice the ROI of a traditional approach.

The bite-size approach focuses not on helping people learn but on helping them solve problems in the real world. Transfer of learning, not the event, is the hero. And it targets not just the learners but their managers, peers and the cultural context in which they apply what they learn, so it’s almost impossible not to put new skills into glorious practice.

Is bite size the right size?

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What makes learning stick?

Some people think bite-size learning involves taking a bunch of content and chopping it into smaller pieces.  This is a misunderstanding. The bite-size methodology is about much more than shorter courses or 2-minute videos (although miniaturisation does play a part).

The bite-size methodology is based on rigorous psychological and business research about the way people learn and, importantly, what makes that learning stick.  It focuses on a continuous cycle of three distinct phases as shown here. This proven formula gets, on average, 87% of people applying what they learn at work.

The case for bite-size

Mind Gym is a revolutionary part of our L&D program. Bite-size is changing everything.

- Michael Molinaro, Chief Learning Officer, New York Life

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