Impact at scale

Globally consistent but locally relevant bite-sized programs are delivered all over the world. Read on to find out how we do it.

In 2001, Deutsche Bank became the first business to put their faith in Mind Gym. 16 years later and we’re still working together, delivering training to employees from entry-level to executives. During that time, Mind Gym has set up offices in New York and Singapore and expanded its reach to operate in over 60 countries in over 30 languages.

Global network, local capability

Mind Gym has all time zones covered, operating from four bases: London, New York and Singapore. And if training is needed in Mozambique or Myanmar?  No problem. Mind Gym training is delivered by our network of over 270 certified coaches living around the world – ready for action at a moment’s notice.

Quality delivery

Our reputation is on the line every time one of our coaches delivers a session. We need to be confident that they will do us proud and give you the results you need.

All our coaches, in our network or yours, are developed and assessed according to the five disciplines of a Mind Gym coach. This is a proven framework that turns learning into action by tapping into the scientific principles of behavior change:

  1. Credibility – demonstrating professional, scientific and content expertise
  2. Navigation – creating a seamless experience
  3. Spirit – generating an energetic atmosphere
  4. Affinity – facilitation adoption of content in participants’ lives
  5. Individual Focus – creating an inclusive environment

Digital solutions

As well as offering live and virtual sessions, Mind Gym has a suite of eLearning courses that cover Manager Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Performance Management, Ethics, Personal Effectiveness and much more.  We can scale this to thousands of participants, fast.

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Scale internally

Want to scale internally? You’d be in good company. Mind Gym has thousands of certified coaches embedded in organizations all over the world. And what’s better is that once you’re certified in a specific format, you can deliver any topic in that format.

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