Learn how efforts in developing employees’ career paths earned Currys the highest reported customer service in 20 years.

Currys, a major UK retailer, needed to retain motivation, sustain performance and reduce voluntary turnover, all while reducing the number of roles by 40%.

At the heart of the solution was putting people back in charge of their future. The leaders of the Logistics Division were offered a series of 90-minute Workouts that focused on personal career development:

  • Create your own luck
  • Me, me, me
  • Cresting the curve

These were promoted in the style of a tabloid newspaper, which is what most of the employees read, and were available at times to suit shift workers.

Customer service was transformed to the best reported in over 20 years; the project was delivered under budget; voluntary employee turnover reduced by over 30%. In addition to:

  • 71% of session participants feeling good about their futures
  • 144% increase in the belief that the company cared about its employees

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