Finning used Mind Gym’s digital solutions to increase employee engagement for managers and individual contributors alike. Learn how they did it.


With expectations of what is acceptable behavior changing in the workplace, respect rose to the top of the board and CEO’s agenda. Rather than treat respect as a compliance issue, the company was eager to build on their ongoing inclusion work to create an ecosystem of respect and inclusion.  The company needed its managers to be able to self-regulate, facilitate conversations, build inclusion, and shape a respectful culture.


Together with Finning, Mind Gym delivered a number of sessions to senior leaders globally, focusing on building a compelling narrative around respect and creating an environment of psychological safety.


The program received great feedback from participants and was supported by the below statistics:

  • 95% rated the sessions as Very Good or Excellent
  • 100% of Executives completed the eWorkout
  • 10,000+ Employees completed the eWorkout
  • 90% believe the training will have a positive impact on culture
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