With 6,000 managers in 60 countries, MetLife was looking for a program to upskill their management on effective leadership.

MetLife’s talent immersion study highlighted the need to transform the behavior of 6,000 people managers across 60 countries to become first-class, motivational leaders.

Two programs were devised to upskill managers in handling the entire performance management cycle; from engaging in dialogue and setting goals, to performance coaching and giving feedback, as well as assessing performance and understanding biases.

Within six weeks the sessions were rolled out at scale in nine different languages.


  • 70% “strongly agree” and “agree” that they are performing better in their roles as a result of the programs
  • 83% of managers are successfully using their new skills

Return on investment:
The cost per head of the program was $393 and the benefit per head was $2,529 (calculated from average salary/100 X average % improvement).

The estimated ROI for MetLife was 543%, so for every $1 spent, $5.43 was returned to the business.

This program scooped the CLO Learning in Practice Award for Excellence in Vendor Partnership.

“I have been at MetLife for over 15 years and the performance management curriculum that has been rolled out over the last 12-18 months has been the most thorough and relevant during my tenure at the firm.” – Program Participant

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