In an environment saturated with choice, how do you delight your customers? Learn how O2 increased their customer experience score by upskilling its retail managers.

O2 Retail had gained market dominance through intelligent product mix and inspired brand positioning. But in a turbulent economic environment, where customers have ever more choice, the business could not become complacent or stand still. Instead, O2 set stretching targets to grow revenue, delight customers, engage employees and stay ahead of the competition.

O2 identified the retail management population as a key lever to deliver business success. By upskilling retail managers, they would ensure that a consistent coaching approach, continuous feedback loop and motivating messages were being cascaded across the 400-store estate.

Mind Gym’s solution was highly targeted, practical, and long-term. There was a strong focus on transfer and making it as easy as possible for people to deliver change when they returned to work. For Branch Managers it was all about practice. For Area Managers it was about active support and constant coaching.

  1. A research phase to identify the critical behaviors and activities needed to deliver O2 Retail’s key business metrics: exceptional customer experience, revenue, and team engagement.
  2. 360º diagnostics to assess branch managers against these behaviors and activities.
  3. Kick-off day and five bespoke, bite-size sessions delivered to branch managers every two months as part of area meetings.
  4. Focused, topical, on-the-job action challenges completed by branch managers in between sessions to increase application and drive business results. Area Managers observed the sessions and provided coaching.


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