Thomson Reuters

The challenge? Discovering how to create a globally consistent yet relevant experience to 7,000 managers in 60 countries.

Thomson Reuters is world-serving company with 50,000 employees in over 100 countries. While continuing to grow at a fast rate, the media giant found that such growth had led to issues of integration, inconsistency and engagement.

Powered by Mind Gym, Thomson Reuters implemented a global initiative that would equip 7,000 first-line managers with fundamental people management skills to help drive the company’s growth.

Workouts ranging from Dynamic Delegation to Leading Change were delivered to management at Thomson Reuters which resulted in a significant increase in effectiveness of those who participated.


  • 91% of participants learnt new knowledge and skills
  • 87% of participants have been able to apply what they learnt
  • 89% believed the program was a worthwhile investment

Return on investment:
The program delivered 43% ROI, so for every $1 invested, $1.43 has been returned.

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