5 ways to… make 2018 your year

Get in the right mindset for success

Whether or not you ascribe to the ‘new year, new start’ philosophy, there’s something about the year’s end that makes us take stock. Being happier, healthier or even richer in 2018 isn’t a matter of destiny – it’s a matter of having the right mindset. Read this month’s tips.

1. Bust the ‘luck’ myth.

Some people are born lucky, right? Wrong – they make their own luck. Studies show that people who believe their lives are controlled by fate or chance are less happy than those who see it as in their control. Believe that 2018 is your ‘lucky’ year – then make it so.

2. Think optimistically.

Optimism is more than seeing the glass as half full. Optimists diminish negative events in their heads – “it was just that situation, just this once” – and generalize from positive events – “it was down to my hard work”. Pessimists do the opposite. Guess who’s more likely to succeed?

3. Spot the opportunities.

‘Lucky’ individuals aren’t given better circumstances; they make the most of what’s in front of them. Every situation presents an opportunity – whether a chance to learn a new skill or meet a fortuitous contact – but if we’re resistant to change we won’t recognize it. Make it your mission in 2018 to take advantage of the positive potential in any new situation.

4. Take control.

Our ‘ideal’ future can seem so far out of reach that it’s hard to know where to start. But there are always actions we can take to move closer to the goal; doing so immediately makes us feel more in control. List five practical things you can do that will help achieve one of your 2018 goals, and commit a specific time and place to doing them.

5.  Act now.

All too often our ambitions are put on the backburner; we tell ourselves we’ll do it one day – and the day never comes. Use the holidays to reassess your priorities: what are you willing to sacrifice in order to make your dreams a reality? Remind yourself that the future is now, and it’s up to you to make the most of it.

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