5 ways to… recognize great performers

5 ways to… recognize great performers

Great performance deserves recognition to match. When done right, being recognized improves engagement, productivity, and motivation. When done wrong, or not at all, it can have almost the opposite effect. With so much at stake, it’s vital we get this response just right.

Here’s five simple ways to recognize your employees: 

1. Give context.

Have you ever given someone a hardy ‘congratulations’, only to be met with blank stares? Context is key when giving recognition. Be sure to cite specific actions and the impact they had when giving recognition.

2. Don’t be late.

Recognition is most effective when it happens immediately after the behavior or result. Wait too long and it becomes irrelevant to the employee.

3. Make it worth the effort.

Would you reward an employee’s million dollar deal with a coffee and a pat on the back? I don’t think so. When there is a mismatch between the value of a reward and the level of achievement, the reward can actually be demotivating.

4. Offer more than money.

Don’t reach for your wallet too fast—67% of employees reported that praise from managers was rated the top motivator for performance*. Remember, your team is motivated by much more than receiving a pretty penny.

5. Make it fair, not equal.

We care more about our rewards relative to others than in absolute terms**. Make sure all employees are up for equal consideration when it comes to being recognized, but are differentiated based on their performance and contributions.

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*Mckinsey (2009). Motivating people: Getting beyond money.

** Williams, McDaniel, & Nguyen (2006). A meta-analysis of the antecedents and consequences of pay level satisfaction.

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