5 ways to…celebrate diversity

5 ways to…celebrate diversity in February and beyond

Integration and inclusion are at the forefront of our minds right now, not least because it is inclusion week. Often, it’s not the deliberately divisive acts you need to watch out for, but rather the unconscious bias that harms relationships and ultimately performance. Here’s how to celebrate diversity, this week and beyond…

Remove the stigma.

We all have unconscious biases – around race, sexuality and so on, but also about height, hobbies, hair color and a thousand other attributes. They are natural and are designed to make our brains more efficient. Admitting bias opens up the conversation, and is the first step to overcoming it.

Choose evidence, not instincts.

Fair decisions are grounded in fact. Set clear criteria upfront, gather evidence from a variety of sources and evaluate it against the original criteria to avoid bias tipping the scales. Think: would I be confident explaining my decision to a jury?

Don’t focus on the negatives.

Favoritism is a form of bias too, and it’s often just as unintentional. We favor those who are similar to ourselves, and those who we perceive as competent and warm. Check that positive emotions haven’t played a role in your decision either.

Call it out.

Encourage a culture where people feel safe to challenge each other’s assumptions. When bias is suspected, address it in a respectful – not accusatory – tone, discuss the implications, and move on united. That way neither the target nor the perpetrator feel threatened.

Counter bias.

We can help to rewire our thinking – and that of others – by paying close attention to the language we use, the role models we offer and our ‘go-to’ assumptions about people’s abilities. Take practical steps each day to create a workplace where people know it’s ok to be different.

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