5 ways to…coach your champions

Top performance begins with a good coach

With vacations on the horizon, there’s a temptation to ease off over the summer months. Quality coaching is the antidote to cruising, but it goes far deeper than just working through a template. By adopting the right mindset and coaching behaviors you’ll see performance flourish instead of flat-lining.

1. Believe they can improve.
Research suggests that there are two types of coaches. Those with a fixed mindset believe that ability is pre-determined; those with a growth mindset believe that with hard work, we can improve. No prizes for guessing which gets better results.

2. Forget what you expect.
Coaching is fraught with bias, influenced by the relationship, previous experience and expectations based on past performance. Cast off the assumptions and focus the conversation on strengths and potential rather than what’s happened already.

3. Treat it as a partnership.
Coaching isn’t a parent-child relationship. Have a frank conversation about how you can best work together to achieve their personal development goals, and give them equal responsibility for getting the most out of your coaching time together.

4. Trust in the journey.
People learn through experience and development is an ongoing cycle; it’s the coach’s job to influence every step of the way. Challenge them to try out something new, observe them in action and guide them to a better outcome.

5. Offer your expertise.
It’s a myth that the best coaches allow people to reach their own answers. Question-based coaching is long-winded and often ineffective; cut to the chase by providing advice based on your own valuable experience.

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