5 ways to…find purpose at work

5 ways to…find purpose at work

Wikipedia is now our go-to for encyclopedic information. But, throughout the 90s Encarta was king. So what possessed a group of dispersed, unpaid, unrecognized individuals to bring Wikipedia to fruition? A sense of purpose. And mattering at work matters a great deal to businesses. Here’s five ways to harness the power of purpose.

1. Recognize progress.

Simply seeing the fruits of our labor can increase productivity by 30%. Feeling that we’re making progress further multiplies the effect. Pay attention to efforts that have been made and give them the recognition they deserve.

2. Turn useless into useful, but not used.

With shifting goalposts and new project directions it’s inevitable progress can be hampered. If there’s no longer a direct need for someone’s work, let them know why their contribution remains helpful.

 3. Get together.

Feeling like we’re involved in a team effort can motivate us to aim higher, dig deeper and perform better. We get a sense of collective purpose when we contribute to something we couldn’t accomplish alone.

4. Make the mundane meaningful.

Often the problem isn’t that people don’t have purpose in what they do. It’s that they can’t see it. It may require some thought to tap into, try taking a different perspective (consider who your work may positively impact). The social importance of your work may become clear.

5. Establish responsibility.

Managers and employees are jointly  responsible for embedding purpose in an organization. Individuals need the mindset to balance pleasure and purpose (or enjoyment and meaning). And if you’re a manager, try to connect your team to a sense of purpose that resonates.

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