5 ways to…keep focused during the festivities

Finding balance in the holiday season

The ‘holiday season’ doesn’t feel very jolly for those who’re making money while the rest are making merry. It’s tough to knuckle down when bombarded with eggnog and out-of-office replies. But you don’t need to ban festive cheer for the sake of a productive New Year.

1. Take advantage of downtime.
Clients and colleagues on vacation? Now’s the ideal time to prioritize your workload for 2015 and tackle the ‘important, not urgent’ goals on the backburner. Remember that while colleagues procrastinate, you’re accumulating ammunition for your next appraisal.

2. Switch it up.
Take advantage of the quiet time to try something new. Streamline a process that’s always frustrated you; do something the way your boss never would: if it doesn’t work no-one will remember by the New Year and if it does you’ll be hailed a hero on everyone’s return.

3. Reflect on your achievements.
The single most important factor in the way we feel about work is a sense of making meaningful progress. So when the days seem long and dark, write down what you’ve achieved – today, this week, this year – to motivate you to keep pushing on.

4. Get excited.
Holiday season brings out the inner child in us all. Approach your work with the same child-like curiosity and enthusiasm. Upping the fun-factor will help you come up with more creative ideas and raise everyone’s spirits – no mulled wine required.

5. Use rest to recharge.
Working over the holidays needn’t mean becoming a martyr. High achievers find it difficult to switch off but pointless relaxation in front of a feel-good film or an energizing festive celebration could be just the pick-me-up you need to knuckle down.

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