5 ways to…love the job you’re in

Making the most of your job starts with the right mindset

The start of a new year has many employees dusting off their resumes, but what if there was a way to find a better job without switching roles? A study by Dr. Amy Wrzesniewski found that job satisfaction doesn’t depend on what people do but how they feel about it. A switch in mindset could grant you the best job in the world, without going anywhere. Read this month’s tips.

1. Think back.
Why did you choose the job in the first place? What was it that got you excited? Cast your mind back to the reasons you joined and identify what’s making you feel restless now – are those aspects no longer available, or do you crave something else?

2. Remember the purpose.
Consider who ultimately benefits from what you do. How are you making people’s lives better? Having a purpose is one of the core drivers of employee engagement, recognize and relish the difference that you make.

3. Use your strengths.
Your job is what you make it. Think about what you’re good at and enjoy, and reorganize your role to do more of it. Be proactive – seek out the best projects and if you can’t find one that excites you, create one.

4. Join a new gang.
Resentment is infectious so if the naysayers are bringing you down, organize your workload in order to spend time with people who energize and inspire you. Befriend the office innovator or offer to help with induction and get to know the enthusiastic newbies.

5. Change your mind.
If you approach work expecting it to be awful, it will be. Reframe the parts you don’t like by blurring the work/life boundaries – is a challenging meeting so different from a dinner debate? Watch your language; swap “I manage complaints” for “I convert skeptics into advocates”.

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