5 ways to…stay organised in 2017

5 ways to…stay organised in 2017

If your New Year’s resolutions have lasted this far, congratulations. If not, it’s never too late. From eating healthily to being punctual to leaving work at the office, much ‘self-improvement’ is down to getting organized.  And a slight tweak to your organizational processes can pay enormous dividends when it comes to how relaxed you feel.

1. Figure out what stops you.

Do you hop between tasks? Are you a perfectionist? Do you thrive on last-minute pressure? Reflect on what gets in the way of being organized before you take steps to remedy it.

2. Get it all out.

Free up headspace for more impactful thinking by recording every commitment or ‘to-do’ – personal and professional – on email, in a notebook or on your phone. Assembling it all in one place ensures nothing gets forgotten.

3. Adopt the 24-hour reply rule.

Get into the habit of replying to emails within 24 hours. It’ll greatly increase team productivity and ultimately reduce the number of irrelevant messages you receive.

4. Do, delegate or defer.

If action is required and it’ll take less than two minutes, do it straight away. If you’re not the right person to deal with it, delegate. And if it requires more of your time, defer it with a specific time for completion and a concrete ‘next action’.

5. Aim for the 10%.

If you were on top of everything you could possibly do, you’re not stretching yourself enough. But don’t give up before you’ve begun: aim to be 10% ahead of the curve and you’ll feel on top of the world.

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