Buddy, bully or boss?

Working relationships don’t always work. Some managers yearn to be liked. Some don’t care what people think of them so long as the job is done. Both are deeply misguided.

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In the world’s largest study of what makes a manager effective, the one thing that made the most difference was strong working relationships.

How can you equip managers to build strong working relationships, repair them when things inevitably go wrong and avoid a situation where bullying and bad behavior ensues?

Watch the webinar with Mind Gym’s Chief Creative Officer Mary-Clare Race as she reveals:

  • What a strong working relationship looks like, and how to repair relationship ruptures
  • Why knowing your own boundaries, and respecting your team’s is key to managerial success
  • What managers can do to increase their awareness of their own personality derailers
  • How having strong working relationships impact the bottom line
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