Don’t make managers walk the tightrope

Don't make managers walk the tightrope

Hey Managers: It’s OK not to be liked

All too often managers find themselves walking the tightrope – constantly readjusting working relationships to get the ‘too close’ vs. ‘too distant’ relationship right.

Get it wrong and the effects can be disastrous – the main reason people leave a company is because of their boss.

So how do you balance being liked with being respected? How do you engage with the team whilst being the leader?

Friendliness without friendship should be our approach. The more explicit we can be about how we’re managing relationships, the more likely we are not to stumble.

There are four ways for managers to get it right.

Written by Mind Gym president, Sebastian Bailey, with insights from Estée Lauder, Hanover Insurance Group, & American Express Global Business Travel, this article isn’t one to be missed.

Read the article in CLO Magazine here.

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