Energy: the manager’s secret weapon

Incorporating positive energy into the workplace

The days are getting darker, the end of the year is in sight, but somehow the mood in your office isn’t seeing a corresponding shift. What would you do to help? Get the coffees in? Plan a rousing team talk at the next team meeting? Science shows that while these can provide us with a burst of energy we quickly return to our routine state.

So how can you help to energize others? There’s no one way to energize, no innate skill that is required to be an energizer: you can be quietly passionate, or share jump up and down enthusiasm. But once you’ve found a style that works your positive energy will begin to spread through your organization, in a phenomenon that psychologists refer to as ‘emotional contagion’. This process of mimicry improves both the performance and well-being of those around you and even of those once or twice removed.

Beyond morale, energy is an important consideration when it comes to a whole host of workplace performance indicators – from innovation to decision-making, collaboration to managing conflict – energized teams continue to outperform their competition.

So start this season off with energy and learn more about how to put energy into action in your teams by watching our webinar on Supercharge your teams: how great leaders harness energy.

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