Grit happens

Can you ‘fail fast’ and be more efficent while doing it? Use grit to navigate the difficult path of innovation.

Leaders are calling for people to innovate, take intelligent risks and ‘fail fast.’ At the same time, organizations are driving towards being leaner, flatter and more efficient.

The challenge is that this focus on efficiency comes with a greater demand on compliance and process adherence, which reduces a team’s opportunity to innovate and take risks. But these two interests need not compete.

To succeed managers need to empower their teams to take control and passionately persist towards long term goals.

Listen to Mind Gym’s 30 minute webinar to discover:

  • Why empowering people to make meaningful decisions motivates your team
  • The reason that giving employees decision making power can lead to better business outcomes
  • How ‘grit’ can keep your team making progress, even when the going gets tough

Download the accompanying slide deck, here.

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