Hope in a hybrid world

Why management is malfunctioning and how to fix it

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Charisma. Context. Casual conversations. The classic tools of a manager. All gone. Remote working has rendered them useless, leaving Zoom calls and Slack chats in their place. But emojis and GIFs are a poor substitute for the context offered by face-to-face working. 

What managers need now is to build new tools that are specifically adapted to the hybrid world.  

In this webinar, we will reveal the key skills needed to drive performance, hold people to account, and preserve wellbeing remotely. Turning the loneliness of the long-distance worker into an opportunity to transform how managers cultivate a winning team. 

Watch this webinar to hear from Mind Gym President, Sebastian Bailey, PhD. and Chief Commercial Officer EMEA, Desi Kimmins and discover: 

  • Why the management struggle will get a lot worse unless we act now 
  • The new muscles managers need to sharpen performance, protect wellbeing and bring back hope 
  • Practical techniques every remote manager can use for an instant boost. 
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