Journey to inclusion

Diversity lies at the heart of TIAA’s values, but the financial services company soon realized that in order to make diversity their competitive advantage, it needed to be met with a culture of inclusion.

TIAA embarked on a 3-year journey to equip over 13,000 professionals with the skills needed to move the needle on culture and to lead others with the two tenets of inclusion: emotional intelligence and emotional expression.

The results? Inclusivity that cascaded from the CEO all the way through to the individual contributor, an increase of 10 places in the Top 50 Companies for Diversity and a finalist position for ‘Excellence in Content’ at CLO for their Journey to Inclusion program.

Join TIAA’s SVP and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Natasha Radden as she shares the inside scoop on the program that makes TIAA a pioneer for inclusion.

The webinar explored:

– How to make diversity and inclusion your competitive advantage
– How to create a culture of inclusivity in your workplace
– How to shift cultural perspective and behavior to achieve commonality

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