5 ways to… keep your focus during the holidays

Silly season is upon us, and while competitors are winding down, smart businesses use the ‘downtime’ to forge ahead. But it’s tough to keep teams motivated amid the temptations of yule log and eggnog. Maintain focus and you’ll start the New Year with a list of accomplishments, rather than resolutions. Read this month’s tips.

  1. Paint a promising picture. Many people see slacking off in the run-up to the holiday season as a rite of passage. Persuading them not to take their foot off the gas takes skill and tact. Focus on what’s in it for them personally: a stress-free festive period and a head start in the New Year are the incentives to maintain momentum now.
  2. Take back control. December diaries fill up quickly, leaving us wishing for more hours in the day. We can’t magic up more time, but we can control what we spend it on. Make considered choices about where you’ll direct your energy and you’ll immediately feel more in control.
  3. Get real. Take the time to clarify exactly what you need to achieve, and how long it’ll take. Then add 20 percent to that estimate. Split the task up into digestible chunks and create a day-by-day schedule, allowing extra time for unexpected tasks. These strict guidelines will help you to avoid getting side-tracked by spontaneous distractions.
  4. Tap into your energy cycle. Some of us are most productive first thing; others are committed night owls. Work with your team to figure out how their energy ebbs and flows throughout the day, and use that insight to match tasks to their concentration curves. Schedule high-priority items for the times when they’re performing at their peak.
  5. Spot the traps. We all have inbuilt biases when it comes to timekeeping that can cause problems. Do you have an overwhelming tendency to say ‘yes’? Is perfectionism stopping you from moving on? Explore how your team members’ automatic responses lead to them becoming over-committed, and reflect on the pitfalls of your own preferences. Being aware of these energy-draining traps will help you overcome them next time.

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