Why you should consider teaching it yourself

‘Easy for them to say.’ ‘That’s not the way things work around here.’ ‘We tried that before and failed.’ All common objections to change suggested by an expert outsider. But when the impetus comes from within, it’s more difficult to disagree. And the benefit of upskilling employees to deliver training themselves doesn’t end there. Discover five reasons to explore licensing today

  1. Those who teach, can. Learning to deliver programs on topics such as performance management and diversity and inclusion involves delving into the scientific research and picking up practical tools to use in the workplace: skills that employees find almost impossible not to put into practice themselves.
  2. World-class exposure. During the licensing process, employees learn invaluable skills including public speaking, storytelling and rapport building from some of the best trainers in the business. And these skills aren’t limited to the training room: the knock-on effect when it comes to interacting with colleagues and clients can be seen on the bottom line.
  3. Make it land. Nobody knows the intricacies of a company’s culture better than its employees. In-house trainers can personalize training in the moment, bringing a level of relevance unmatched by even the best professionals. And when delegates clearly see how a topic is relevant to their lives, they’re far more likely to use what they’ve learned.
  4. Maintain momentum. All too often employees leave a training course all fired up, only to let their new skills fall by the wayside almost immediately. In-house trainers are there to remind and reinforce through dozens of informal, everyday interactions. And because conversations about change are best when they come from a trusted source, adoption rates will soar.
  5. Increase engagement. Investing in employees’ professional and personal development is a sign that you value them. It also boosts their sense of self-efficacy and growth: two major drivers of employee engagement and loyalty. A greater likelihood of behavior change, and more committed employees: in-house training pays double the dividends.

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