Living in Lockdown

5 Keys to Performing in a Pandemic


How leaders can set their people up to succeed whatever is going on in the world

Many companies are in crisis mode, dealing with one challenge after another. Instead of acting, they’re reacting with a shift in government regulation, public health, and public opinion prompting a new, sudden response.  This high cortisol corporate response threatens to demotivate workforces and cause permanent damage to company performance 

You can’t stabilize the world but you can stabilize your workforce. 

Smart leaders are addressing their employees’ psychological needs. They’re using practical methods to build a more resilient culture, a culture that means you can all perform at your best despite the pandemic. 

In this webinar, our experts talk about the next 18 months. We’ve gathered the latest COVID-19 research in conversation with what we’ve learned by working with FTSE-100 and S&P 500 companies amidst the crisis. Listen to hear about 5 psychological needs that are under the greatest threat in lockdown, why they matter so much, and practical ways you can meet them in your organization. 

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