Living in Lockdown

5 keys to Performing in a Pandemic

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Smart leaders are addressing their employees’ psychological needs. They’re using practical methods to build a more resilient culture, a culture that means you can all perform at your best despite the pandemic. 

In this webinar, our experts talk about the next 18 months. We’ve gathered the latest COVID-19 research in conversation with what we’ve learned by working with FTSE-100 and S&P 500 companies amidst the crisis. Listen to hear about 5 psychological needs that are under the greatest threat in lockdown, why they matter so much, and practical ways you can meet them in your organization. 

We've got the answers to your coronavirus related concerns.

In this eWorkout you will learn to improve virtual communication, community and presence, to reduce the virtual distance between teams. Take @virtualwork to start working better together. Click the button below to access the Mind Gym Storefront, where you will be directed to create an account and take @virtualwork for free. Participants will: Explore the challenges and opportunities when working...
3 grit-building habits to help you persevere
Entrepreneurs start businesses because they’re optimistic; they succeed if they’re also gritty. The ability to keep chasing long-term goals is a marker of success in all sorts of areas. Mind Gym co founder Sebastian Bailey shares three habits that will help build grit. Read his article here.
How Coronavirus is Transforming Work & What You Can Do About It
  The Coronavirus has created a situation that is unpredictable, uncertain and feels uncontrollable.  As it spreads across the globe, people are anxious about the impact on themselves, their loved ones and their teams. Team members are working from home but find it hard to stay connected.  Team leaders want to reassure their teams and maintain productivity despite anxiety and...
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