5 ways to… make 2020 your year

‘New year, new you’ is a cliché as old as time itself, but there’s something symbolic about entering a new decade with a renewed sense of purpose. New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be an entire life overhaul, but a chance to take stock of your strengths, goals and where the opportunities lie. Wishing all our subscribers a happy, prosperous 2020. Read this month’s tips.

  1. Take control of your time. While you can’t create more hours in the day, you can make the most of the time you have. Make 2020 the year you switch scrolling through social media for something more productive. Whether it’s High-Intensity Interval Training over long, moderate runs, or bite-sized learning rather than day-long training, make a conscious decision to use your time efficiently.
  2. Master soft skills. It’s not the most technically skilled that succeed, it’s those who’ve mastered the dark arts of influence and persuasion. To supercharge your career in 2020 you’ll need to excel in your job and let others know about it. Consider where the gaps in your soft skillset lie, and prioritize bolstering those areas.
  3. Get to know yourself. We assume we understand our ‘true selves’ but it’s how others perceive us that matters. Self-awareness takes effort. Take the time to consider what you want to be renowned for, and how your current strengths and weaknesses might be helping or hindering this aim. Use this as a guiding principle for the year ahead.
  4. Be curious. Naval-gazing will only get you so far. Supplement your soul-searching with curiosity about the world outside your usual ‘bubble’. Make it a priority to seek out new people, places, and experiences in order to expand your network and skills. Be open to all the opportunities that arise – you never know where they might lead.
  5. Hold yourself accountable. Goals are useless if they’re forgotten until next December. Decide how you’ll measure success, and when and how you’ll review your progress. Share your goals with an ally who’ll keep you accountable. These checkpoints are as much about maintaining momentum as they are an opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments and celebrate how far you’ve come.
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