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Presenters: Octavius Black, Wei-Li Chong, Desi Kimmins
When: February 26th, 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm ET
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5 ways to… become an all-star negotiator

March is International Women’s Month, and the gender pay gap is under more scrutiny than ever. One common explanation is that men are socialised to better at negotiating. The jury’s out on that interpretation, but the fact is - male or female - strong negotiators get ahead. Adopt the appropriate mindset. At its most extreme, negotiation is either competitive (each side...
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Supercharge your teams

  Who energizes you? Faces of highly successful, extroverted leaders may come to mind. Wondering what sets you apart from the top? According to the latest research, you don’t need to be the most energetic person in the room to motivate your team. Energized teams are more creative, collaborative, focused, and decisive and our upcoming webinar explores the 5 ways...
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Talent management: the end of an era?

Some estimates put just 5% of employee performance down to the individual; 95% is down to their environment. Talent Management, therefore, is about creating the conditions for people to thrive. Mind Gym Chief Creative Officer Mary-Clare Race points to six factors that make a difference. Read them on pages 14-16 in the winter issue of People and Strategy.  
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Boss, buddy or bully?

Working relationships don't always work - when they break down, the results are disastrous. It's tricky for managers to tread the fine line between being a boss, buddy or bully. We all play a role in getting it right. Read Mind Gym Chief Creative Officer Dr. Mary-Clare Race's recent contribution to TD Magazine.
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