When it comes to the latest tips and tricks of the industry, we’ve got you covered. Our psychologists pored over the research to separate fact from fluff so you didn’t have to.

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How to succeed in office politics with Oliver James

Listen to best selling business psychologist Oliver James as he reveals to Octavius Black what it really takes to flourish at altitude. Oliver covers: –  Why office politics is good for business –  How to be a masterful office politician –  What a talent program must have to ensure high potentials thrive at the top
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5 vital ingredients of great performance management

When it’s done well, performance management delivers 40% higher employee engagement and 25% lower turnover, an 18% growth in customer loyalty and a 15% boost to productivity. Unfortunately many companies focus more on the process than the conversation; meaning high costs, poor results and employees who’re left wondering if they’d be better off elsewhere. There’s no magic potion to guarantee...
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From survive to thrive

Productivity is down, stress-related illness and claims are up; good people are leaving big companies for an easier way of life. ‘Overwhelmed employees’ are one of today’s most pressing business challenges, say company bosses across the world [Deloitte 2014]. Yet the pressure to deliver more with less is unremitting.
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Six psychological tricks that make learning stick

How many psychologists does it take to change a lightbulb? Only one, but the lightbulb really has to want to change. The concept of “decisional balance”—where the pros of making a change outweigh the cons—is one of six critical principles that research in psychology and the learning sciences has demonstrated makes a significant, long-lasting impact on learning t
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