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UK workers want to continue working from home

New research finds that two-thirds of UK workers want to continue working from home in some capacity, with two-thirds also anxious about returning to the workplace.
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The Economist: Working life has entered a new era

The UK economy is on the brink of a productivity collapse, with British workers admitting they could get away with an average of 2 hours and 20 minutes less work each day, and more than one third feeling less motivated as a result of remote working during the pandemic.
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Talent management: the end of an era?

Some estimates put just 5% of employee performance down to the individual; 95% is down to their environment. Talent Management, therefore, is about creating the conditions for people to thrive. Mind Gym Chief Creative Officer Mary-Clare Race points to six factors that make a difference. Read them on pages 14-16 in the winter issue of People and Strategy.  
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Boss, buddy or bully?

Working relationships don't always work - when they break down, the results are disastrous. It's tricky for managers to tread the fine line between being a boss, buddy or bully. We all play a role in getting it right. Read Mind Gym Chief Creative Officer Dr. Mary-Clare Race's recent contribution to TD Magazine.
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