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Exploring why mindset matters
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Presenter: Regis Courtmanche
When: March 21st, 11:30am - 12:00pm EST
Where: GoToWebinar
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Show me respect

In the wake of #metoo and high profile cases at the top of big companies, business leaders are eager to make work safe from predatory behavior. The instinctive response is to promote anonymous helplines and demand people speak up. These solutions will have, at best, a marginal effect and might even do harm. Drawing from the most robust behavioral science,...
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Supercharge your teams

Who energizes you? Faces of highly successful, extroverted leaders may come to mind. Wondering what sets you apart from the top? According to the latest research, you don’t need to be the most energetic person in the room to motivate your team. Energized teams are more creative, collaborative, focused, and decisive and our upcoming webinar explores the 5 ways you...
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The talent story at Shawmut

The construction industry was hit particularly hard after the 2008 stock market crash – losing much of its top talent to other industries that promised more job opportunity. Despite being a billion-dollar enterprise, Shawmut Design and Construction found themselves similarly affected. The 100% employee-owned company saw a need to rebuild talent and knew they’d have to do it fast. Rather than focusing...
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Thriving, striving or surviving?

According to research, we spend approximately 25.6% less time at work than we did 50 years ago. Yet two-thirds of employees report feeling ‘overwhelmed’ and 75% of managers feel like they’re working at full capacity. Employees struggling to thrive is bad for business. So how do we create a more productive and satisfied team? Join Chief Creative Officer, Mary-Clare Race, Ph.D as...
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