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5 ways to…coach your champions

With vacations on the horizon, there’s a temptation to ease off over the summer months. Quality coaching is the antidote to cruising, but it goes far deeper than just working through a template. By adopting the right mindset and coaching behaviors you’ll see performance flourish instead of flat-lining. 1. Believe they can improve. Research suggests that there are two types...
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5 ways to…build a winning team

From the snow to the ice via fighting off some fierce competition, Team USA’s medal haul at Sochi winter Olympics showed that our athletes have ‘team spirit’ in spades. Building a winning team isn’t all about huddles and high fives though – there’s plenty more managers can do to create that gold-medal mentality at work. 1. Define your direction. Like...
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5 ways to…bring harmony

From a divided Scottish nation to the Phones 4U staff who, in the wake of the chain’s collapse, now find themselves employed by their previous rivals, handling discontent among the ranks is no mean feat. By tackling the discord head on, leaders can create a team that really is better together. 1. Find a common direction. A shared goal is...
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How to relate to others in the virtual world

What kind of potato chip would you create, and what would you name it, if you wanted to sell the product exclusively to pregnant women? That was the question researchers from the University of Connecticut posed to participants to explore the impact empathy has on creativity. Researchers received a smorgasbord of responses including– Pickles-and-Ice Cream chips? Sign me up. But,...
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