Reorganization remedy

Learn how to upgrade when you downsize.

The reorganization remedy

The trouble with reorganizations, a bit like diets, is that relatively few achieve what they set out to do. Most reorganizations lead to a fall in stock price, a decline in productivity and a near collapse in customer satisfaction, let alone the detrimental effect on employees.

There are glorious exceptions: some organizations have reduced the workforce by up to 40% and seen employee engagement increase, customer satisfaction reach record levels and profitability soar.

The Reorganization remedy is grounded in over 70 independent research studies and has been shown to work in many of the world’s most successful companies.

In short, it requires leaders to:

  • Develop a compelling story about where the company is going and share it with gusto
  • Put individual employees first and the company second
  • Be firm with the facts and openly talk about feelings
  • Give more attention to those staying than those leaving
  • Show people how they can influence the outcome, for them individually and for the company
  • Less gloom, more glory


For the complete story on how to upgrade when you downsize, you can download the white paper for free.

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