The Wellness Precipice

Why Employee Wellbeing is Headed for Collapse & How You Can Prevent It

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Times are feeling tough now but, when it comes to our wellbeing, it’s about to get a lot worse.

There is compelling psychological research which suggests that far from easing, our collective mental health is about to take an unprecedented battering.

Lucky for you, we have the solution. As our response to coronavirus, Mind Gym has pulled together the best minds and research in behavioral science and psychology, to predict what challenges corporate wellbeing will be facing in the short and long term.

In this webinar, Mind Gym experts reveal:

  • Why employee wellbeing is heading for collapse
  • The lasting impact this will have on people and businesses if it is left until too late
  • What steps you can take now to prevent it

We've got the answers to your coronavirus related concerns.

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