Accountable in hybrid

Empower remote leadership

Hybrid work is here to stay. Help your team feel empowered to perform at their best across time zones, locations and anything else that could get in the way.

Chances are your usual methods of accountability rely heavily on meeting in person. Perhaps you’re used to stopping by an employee’s desk for an impromptu check-in or sitting in a conference room with a project team to hash something out. But creating accountability in hybrid requires a slightly different set of skills. While we can’t always be with our employees, we can help them to feel accountable for their performance.

When people feel accountable, they take ownership for their own best performance and are empowered to turn intentions into outcomes. Creating a sense of accountability on our teams means we are able to reap the benefits of an engaged, autonomous and proactive team, even in a hybrid or virtual space.

This workout introduces a framework to help managers understand their role in enabling their team to be accountable day to day during hybrid or remote work.

Participants will:

  • Discover the impact that hybrid work has had on accountability
  • Consider how to set clear and realistic expectations that motivate performance
  • Plan how they’ll support their team to be at their best in hybrid work
  • Learn how to get their team back on track after a setback
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