Affinity and beyond

Connect with customers

Our customers are changing. And what they need from us is changing too. The days of just needing to provide a seamless service are in the past. Now, our customers are not only looking to brands for memorable experiences but also to feel a sense of connection.

So, how can we build affinity with them? We need to consider what our customer’s needs really are. We then need to ensure that those needs are met by the organisation as a whole, not just by the person who might be facing the customer at any given time. Everyone within your organisation contributes to creating a customer climate –and it’s only when the customer is placed at the heart of decisions and processes that we can ensure we’re fulfilling their needs in the right way. And, when we’re actually interacting with our customers, we need to ensure we’re making them feel valued, connecting them with ourselves and the brand, and providing a memorable experience. It’s about being creative in how we solve problems and finding ways (even in tricky situations) to maintain a positive relationship. Sound like a lot? When you have the right skills and tactics at your fingertips, anything is possible.

Participants will:

  • Discover how customers are changing globally and the effect this has on their expectations of us now
  • Explore the five ways you as an individual can build affinity with your customers
  • Consider how everyone across a business impacts the end customer (and contributes to the customer climate)
  • Understand the importance of finding an authentic connection between your brand, your customer and yourself
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