Alone not lonely

Overcome loneliness

The more virtual our workspace becomes, the more we can feel disconnected from our team and the people that we work with. This disconnect can cause us to feel lonely and separated from the rest of the world. So, how can we change this feeling of loneliness to one of connection?

Have you ever felt lonely even in a crowd? The feeling of loneliness is not due to the circumstances you find yourself in. Rather, it is your perception of your situation that causes a feeling of loneliness to arise. By changing how we think and feel about loneliness, we can transform our relationship with loneliness. Knowing this, we can invest our time in behaviours that connect us to others, while limiting our time in actions that create isolation. A feeling of loneliness is a personal feeling that we all have. This workout will enable participants to change their perceptions in a way that decreases loneliness.

Participants will:

  • Identify ways to improve well-being by challenging what you know about loneliness
  • Explore the causes of loneliness and its impact
  • Understand how we can accidentally reinforce feelings of loneliness
  • Shift their perspective on what it means to feel lonely and how to create feelings of connection without being in the company of others
  • Learn about the behaviours that can mitigate feelings of isolation
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