Give me time

The problem of not having enough time is as old as time itself, and so are most of the proposed cures. The trick to using time efficiently isn't in changing what you do but changing how you think.

Participants will:

  • Explore a new mindset to help them get more out of their time
  • Discover how to reframe or refocus what they do to feel more satisfied
  • Find out what their natural time preference is and how to work better with people who are the opposite
  • Learn how to stop themselves from taking on too much
  • Appreciate how they can achieve more by slowing down

Want to learn more about our formats?

Available in these formats:

Go larges are high impact, high-energy, 60-minute experiences, perfect for team away days, launches and conferences.

A virtual high-energy experience for groups of 50 to 1,000.

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