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Over 50% of people recruited into an organization will leave within two years and one in four new recruits will resign in the first six months. The estimated organizational cost of just one failed executive-level hire can be as high as $2.7 million. Why is this?

Part of the problem is that new employees are not engaged.

How to engage new employees

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5 ways to…find purpose at work

Wikipedia is now our go-to for encyclopedic information. But, throughout the 90s Encarta was king. So what possessed a group of dispersed, unpaid, unrecognized individuals to bring Wikipedia to fruition?...

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The engaged employee

The correlation between how employees feel and how a company performs is now beyond question. Even more significantly, employee engagement is a strong predictor of future financial performance. Mind Gym...

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5 ways to… boost the office energy

Summer has finally arrived. But, even the word ‘July’ can cause the dreaded summer slump. As half the workforce jet off on holiday, those remaining start wishing they were too....

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