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Why Good People Do Bad Things

How to help your employees make the right decisions
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Presenters: Sebastian Bailey, Ph.D, Ceri Williams
When: Jan 22nd, 11:00am - 11:30pm ET
Where: GoToWebinar
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5 ways to… make 2020 your year

‘New year, new you’ is a cliché as old as time itself, but there’s something symbolic about entering a new decade with a renewed sense of purpose. New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be an entire life overhaul, but a chance to take stock of your strengths, goals and where the opportunities lie. Wishing all our subscribers a happy, prosperous 2020. Read...
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5 Digital Tricks to Make Learning Stick

  The digital environment shapes our behavior, whether it’s unconscious pressure from social media or the ding of a new text message—we are constantly surrounded by technology. If you want to change behavior, you have to break through the noise. To find out how digital interventions can help us change behavior at work, we need to look to the science...
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5 ways to… keep your focus during the holidays

Silly season is upon us, and while competitors are winding down, smart businesses use the ‘downtime’ to forge ahead. But it’s tough to keep teams motivated amid the temptations of yule log and eggnog. Maintain focus and you’ll start the New Year with a list of accomplishments, rather than resolutions. Read this month’s tips. Paint a promising picture. Many people...
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Tomorrow’s Workforce Isn’t a Robot

  The last few decades have brought with it a new paradigm. Game-changing innovations across several areas of our lives have shifted the way organizations operate. According to a new IBM study, as many as 120 million workers in the world economy will have to be retrained or re-skilled as a result of the technological revolution. And, the pace of...
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