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5 strategies for successful remote leadership

The world of work has changed forever, as social distancing measures have forced employees to work from home for the foreseeable future. Even without the Covid-19 pandemic, remote working has its challenges. But when combined with the anxiety and uncertainty this crisis brings, leaders are faced with the mammoth task of keeping their team members motivated and productive. While productivity...
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5 ways to…lead through this crisis

In the wake of the current Coronavirus pandemic, it is important for businesses to ensure their teams feels safe, secure and hopeful. When uncertainty lies ahead, it is even more vital that leaders take a proactive approach to letting their employees know they have a handle on things. 1. Be open. Confusion heightens the pain of turmoil. Share the facts,...
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Why you should consider teaching it yourself

‘Easy for them to say.’ ‘That’s not the way things work around here.’ ‘We tried that before and failed.’ All common objections to change suggested by an expert outsider. But when the impetus comes from within, it’s more difficult to disagree. And the benefit of upskilling employees to deliver training themselves doesn’t end there. Discover five reasons to explore licensing...
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Why bother with digital learning?

Technology has transformed our lives beyond recognition - mostly, for the better. Take workplace learning. Gone are the days when employees had to take a week out of the office to attend a long-winded, far-flung conference. Now, thanks to digital learning, individuals can brush up on the skills that matter most, in bite-sized chunks, without leaving their desks. When it...
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