Diversity, equity & inclusion.

Get it together.

Despite the billions that have been invested in DE&I, not enough progress has been made. The consequences on morale and performance have been significant.

There is an alternative approach which is far more effective. It is grounded in science and has been developed with leading academics and practitioners at some of the world’s most impressive companies.

Even better, it has been trialled in hundreds of organisations with remarkable results.

Rethink everything you know about DE&I

Diversity, equity & inclusion - an overview:

Diversity without inclusion damages a company’s performance. It also causes pain.

Feeling pain. Neuroscience shows that the psychological pain caused by being excluded affects the same part of the brain as physical pain. It hurts.

Value difference:

We are naturally attracted to people who are like us and tend to shy away from those who are different.

If we can appreciate each other for who we are, we create an environment where we can flourish together no matter what our differences.

The diversity dividend:

Compared to employees working in a business without an inclusive culture, employees in businesses with a culture of inclusion are:

– 12% more likely to expend discretionary effort – 19% more likely to stay with the business