Respect me

We all want to work in an organization where we feel confident in our ability to do good work, every day, without having to be ‘on guard’ for fear of jibes or criticism. While certain behaviors may seem harmless, when widespread, can cause distress, leaving people feeling disrespected and preventing us all from reaching our potential to be great.

Participants will:

  • Learn the types of negative behaviors that often go unnoticed and the consequences that they have
  • Understand the importance you play in shaping an organizational climate that supports psychological safety.
  • Identifying conforming, colluding, and challenging roles and realize where you should be choosing to spend your time.
  • Define your own beliefs and learned how to use them to shape new cultural “norms” in the workplace.
Available in these formats:

All the substance of a day's training compressed into an engaging thought-provoking digital learning tool.

Go larges are high impact, high-energy, 60-minute experiences, perfect for team away days, launches and conferences.

A virtual high-energy experience for groups of 50 to 1,000.

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