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Mind Gym’s certified Coaches customize the delivery of each workout so it is highly relevant and connects with every participant.

Every Coach has secured a Distinction (or Merit for in-house coaches) in the assessment at the end of a rigorous 5-day certification program before they deliver a single workout to Mind Gym’s clients.

The assessment is based on demonstrating Mind Gym’s 5 disciplines:

  • Credibility: being a trusted expert on the subject matter
  • Navigation: guiding participants through a session so that it’s completed on time and achieves its objectives
  • Spirit: generating an energetic atmosphere conducive to learning
  • Affinity: making empathetic connections between the content and the group
  • Individual focus: empathizing with the learner and then adapting the experience so their needs are met

There are more than 250 qualified Coaches in 30 countries. To find out how many there are where you need them, please get in touch.

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