Precision Coaching

Why most coaching fails and how to make sure yours succeeds

The demands on business leaders are getting only greater: achieve more, with less, faster.

Many companies have seized on 1:1 coaching to close the gap between what they need from leaders and what they are currently seeing. But does it work?

Recipients of one-to-one coaching estimate improved performance of around 78%. But objective scientific measures show the average is a much more modest 3.6%.

The reason why: most coaching lacks a consistent, scientific methodology.

Precision Coaching is your answer

MindGym’s Precision Coaching developed by our behavioural change experts draws on validated scientific research to improve individual and business performance in a fraction of the time.

See performance improvements directly linked to individual and company goals in as little as four, bite-size sessions.

Coaching for the many, not the few

One of the challenges with one-to-one coaching is that it has been affordable only for a company’s most senior leaders.

No longer.

Performa is MindGym’s new digital coaching service which allows companies to deliver the benefits of precision coaching for large numbers of leaders quickly and cost-effectively.

Empower multiple stakeholders

Managers are better able to navigate the complex demands of leadership; Chief Learning Officers receive measurable results and the C-Suite see a positive impact on business performance.

Designed to scale

Performa is delivered by a global network of MindGym coaches, qualified in Precision Coaching to ensure a seamless, fast and consistent implementation.

Measurable results, fast

Precision coaching gives a clear and consistent journey that has been shown to deliver performance improvements in just four, 45-minute coaching sessions.

See results within just 4 sessions

75% applied insights within days of coaching sessions

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